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Maati is a way forward, for the sake of our rich past. Maati is a resolve for supporting the traditional values of art and handicrafts across the indian subcontinent. Its products are available only at selected outlets. The highly motivated team at Maati brings the legacy of centuries and generations, across various cultures, by promoting artists of many...


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70 talented artisans from remote towns and villages of india paint on high quality T-shirts to earn a living showcasing their skills. They weave their magic and create high quality hand painted t shirts for men, women and kids. They require no grants, no charity, no help other than a basic training provided by senior artisans...



Maati Artists | The makers of high qulaity hand painted t shirts for mens and Hand painted t shirts & Tops for women
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"Yet another Maati artist is Jagannath a fabric painter who lives in Ganganagar village near Nabadwip Dham (town). He lives in a thatched hut and works by a kerosene lalteen (lantern) ..." Read More ..

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